XPS Ship has thousands of happy clients. Here are reviews from a sampling of successful eCommerce companies that have integrated with XPS Ship to fulfill their online orders.
Rustic Tomato Logo


“… we came across XPS shipping. Lower shipping price, fantastic back end platform, robust user interface that is simple to use and ultimately, phenomenal client support. We have already recommended XPS shipping software to fellow business owners!”

Jason Moffat, Owner at Rustic Tomato

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“…We’ve been using XPS for a couple days and love it! We get quicker delivery times, save money and can automatically provide better service to our customers by sending the tracking information.”

– Cami Bond, Inside Sales Manager at DARRAN

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“In my position as manager of online sales I have had to integrate our various online market places with a shipping platform before…Thanks to a large marketplace of ready-to-use integrations and the helpful documentation on the site, we were up and running in under 4 hours! This makes XPS Ship the perfect partner for any eCommerce business.”

– Daniel Meyer, Manager of Online Sales at Magnum Bikes

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“… with XPS, I am saving more and I have more options. The integration was easy and the added features are extremely helpful. Thanks guys!”

-RevealBrand Team

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“…setup is quick and easy with great customer service. XPS was also able to get better shipping rates than we were getting before.”

– Dustin at Filler Neck Supply Co.

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“…and it has been a great tool for us to grow our business. It is a one stop hub where we can get and compare quotes from every major carrier.”

– Veronica Loschi, President at Sadhana

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“… They have great customer service and it is such an easy platform to use and has considerably reduced the amount of time I spend shipping, allowing me to focus on other tasks.”

– Darcy, Office Manager at Epigenetics Healing Center

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“…In addition to saving our company hundreds of dollars per month on shipping, their knowledge and responsive customer support team is always there to help with any question that may arise.”

– Zac Jones at Alaska Guide Creations

Geer'd Hardware Logo


“We were looking for back-end logistical support that would connect with our Shopify store, and boy did we luck out with XPS…The software is very intuitive and easy to use. We could not be happier.”

– Kris Cam, Co-Founder and VP

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K9 Comfort

“…When we were introduced to XPS ship, the customer service was great, they answered all of my questions and their site is very user friendly. I am now able to ship out our training tools, treats, and elk antler chews right from the comfort of my own office.”

– Carrie, Owner of K9 Comfort Deluxe Boarding, Training, and Dog Grooming

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“XPS is so user friendly and has the best rates! It is also free, so we don’t have to pay a monthly fee as we have in the past with other shipping apps. The customer service is excellent; they spend time with you and they don’t rush. It is really annoying when you have to call back to try to get to someone that knows answers to your questions, but with XPS I have always gotten my questions answered and learned faster ways of getting the jobs I need done. I actually called them back to make sure the rates were correct, because they were so low. I didn’t believe it! You also can pre-program your dimensions of packaging you ship with and as long as its under 20 lbs you have a base rate. No more putting in sizes of the packages and worrying about the exact weight every time and the rates are so low. You can simply click on which bag your item fits in and the rest is done for you! It also has great eCommerce Integrations that are very simple to set up. Incredible! Thank you XPS!”

– Liz Schweigert, Owner at Riverbucks