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TEMANDO Shipping Software

Temando tracking is a global technology that exists to connect the world’s logistical resources into a single intelligent platform and make commerce universally accessible to everybody.

Temando’s solutions give merchants the power to move goods from wherever they are to wherever they need to be, no matter how they need to get there. Temando tracking provides merchants with access to XPS carrier rates and services in one platform, allowing them to create amazing delivery experiences for their customers.

Benefits of Temando Tracking

  • All of your carriers and rates in one intelligent platform
  • Full fulfillment and shipping automation
  • Smarter packaging with packaging optimization logic
  • Intelligent order routing across multiple locations
  • Create shipping experiences for your customers in the shopping cart
  • Full tracking information for order confirmation and tracking emails
  • Produce all required shipping documentation including packslips, shipping labels and manifests

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