Shipping Software


Shipping Software

XPS Shipping Platform is the perfect solution for any large or small business to lower shipping costs and remove the frustration from your online shipping process. Leave complicated at the door with our simple and intuitive online shipping platform.


Shipping Rates Around

Reduce shipping costs and drive profitability with XPS. As a provider of USPS we provide the lowest domestic and cheapest international shipping rates with commercial plus pricing and cubic pricing advantages.

Our multi-carrier shipping software will allow you to save even more with our shipping rates comparison tool. Compare shipping prices with other carriers immediately. With XPS, when you send a package you’ll know you’re getting the best shipping deal every time.

  • Determine cheapest shipping rates
  • Discounted USPS priority mail rates
  • Cheapest way to ship internationally
  • Discounted shipping insurance
  • Shipping rates comparison tool


In a Single Place

We’re bringing you full integrations with an ever-expanding list of shipping services, providers, marketplaces, and ecommerce platforms, all together in one complete service. Integration with and ship orders from Etsy, Amazon, Ebay, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and more, all with a single login. No more printing FedEx shipping labels from one platform, UPS shipping labels from another, DHL and USPS shipping labels from yet another platform. You’ll be up and running in no timem shiping your custom made orders and saving money like a pro.

  • Fully integrates with many ecommerce stores, marketplaces and shopping carts
  • Automated real time order retrieval
  • All orders in one place with one login
  • Quick and simple order import
  • Multiple users working simultaneously without redundancies


Shipping Label Software

Our ecommerce shipping platform is designed to streamline your shipping process to get your orders out in the most timely and efficient manner. Check and print all your ecommerce shipping labels from one platform, and one single login. Quickly import orders and print shipping labels in just a few clicks.


Ships in Minutes


Quick Upload full lists and Orders


Flexible Lable Printing


Scale Integration


Batch Printing


No Tedious Copying and Pasting Addresses


The Cloud

Our web based shipping platform operates from the cloud so there’s nothing you have to download or install to start getting cheap shipping quotes. Simply login from any popular modern browser anywhere you are and get back to work.

Web Based Online Platform

Compatible with all Modern Website Browsers

Instant Internet Access Wherever you are

No Software Downloads


Shipment Tracking

From the time orders are received to when they leave through the door, XPS is keeping an eye on things for you and your customers. Easily monitor order cost, statuses, delivery and tracking updates all on our simple to use ecommerce shipping software. You and your customers are kept in the loop

  • Real time online tracking information automatically pushed back to you
  • Email confirmations, tracking information and status updates to your customers


Live Support

When you have questions, you need answers to them now. Like “What is the best ecommerce platform?” Well, now you know… Our highly trained customer support earns reave reviews. You can count on our Superior dedicated live support to help you with any problem large or small. We’re here when you need us. Contact us today. 1-800-881-0288

  • Dedicated live support
  • Site Live Chat
  • Email support
  • Phone support


Our Featured Users

Thousands of companies large and small use XPS Ship and benefit from functionality that makes their processes more efficient. Whether you ship a few packages per month or several thousand per day, XPS is right for you.

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