Custom Integrated Shipping Software

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XPS Ship Custom Software Integrations

XPS Ship uses custom integrations to make fulfilling your shipping orders easier than ever. These integrations allow you to maximize interoperability, connect your favorite order fulfillment center to our proprietary shipping software, and much more. Check out the benefits of these custom integration and don’t forget to download our free shipping software today!

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By utilizing RESTful APIs, XPS Ship can synchronize itself with your existing warehouse management system (WMS), enterprise resource planning software (ERP), or with your custom website.

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Webhooks Integration

By using webhooks integrations, XPS Ship is able to update itself in real time according to changes in your warehouse inventory, resource management, or orders.

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ODBC Custom Integration

ODBC enables XPS Ship to use your database for bulk order fulfillment, customer name and address management, and packing slip generation.


CSV File Integration

We offer our users the ability to import CSV files from Excel or any other spreadsheet software and instantly begin using the information they contain with no fuss.

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