Discounted Shipping Rates

Discount Shipping for USPS and FedEx (UPS Coming Soon!)

Save up to 89% on shipping when you print labels with our free shipping software. We negotiate discounted shipping rates with major carriers to provide the cheapest shipping services possible. Why pay retail prices for shipping when you can print discounted labels for free?  

discounted shipping rates for fedex 21% off, USPS 89%, and UPS

Easily Find the Cheapest Shipping Service

Through our intuitive platform, you can compare pricing across different carriers. We calculate real-time rates for UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL and others, displaying them side-by-side for easy comparison. You can quickly rate shop, find the best price, and ship products to customers at the lowest possible cost.

Discounted International Shipping

Whether you’re sending bike helmets to France or phone cases to Canada, you get the best international shipping rates. We integrate with USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL WorldWide Express to give you access to rate shopping and cheaper shipping labels for your international shipments.

Are you a USPS Postal Qualified Wholesaler? Ask us about specialized international shipping options.

How Does Rate Shopping Work?

Try our interactive demo to find the cheapest international shipping rates. Click below to start.

Bring Your Own Discounted Rates

Do you already have discounted rates you negotiated with a carrier? You can view your own shipping discounts alongside other carriers and services in XPS to rate shop. Easily compare rates and make sure you are getting the cheapest shipping label for each order. There are no label fees for using your own shipping rates with XPS.

No User Fees

We know that your bottom line is saving money. That is why we don’t charge any user fees. Use the Descartes XPS shipping platform, integrate your ecommerce store, and ship all of your packages without spending any more money than necessary. This reduces your shipping costs and allows you to invest the savings in other areas of your business.

Use XPS Ship to find the best discounted rates.
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Free Live Support

Descartes provides free product support for all customers. We know your time is valuable, so our highly rated team provides 1:1 live support via chat, phone, or email to answer your questions and get your shipments moving! You can also check out our video library for quick and easy tutorials.

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