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International shipping software printing discounted labels for UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL that encircle a globe

Master cost-effective international shipping with Descartes XPS. With free international shipping software and live support from our experienced team, you can print discounted shipping labels, file customs documents, and track shipments within minutes.  

International Shipping Problems Solved

international shipping cost

International shipping can be expensive, so we negotiate discounted shipping rates with multiple carriers and pass the savings to you. Rate shop to find the cheapest international shipping.

HS Codes for International Shipping

Manually adding the harmonized systems codes for each order can be tedious and error-prone, so we help you build shipping automation rules to apply your HS codes automatically.

Filing Customs Forms for International Shipping

Filing your own electronic export information (EEI) with the Automated Export System (AES) is an extra step that slows down ship station workers, so we automatically file these online forms for you.

International Shipment Tracking

No more struggling to track each international shipment and let your customers know where their orders are now. International shipment tracking is easy with our built-in tracking info.

How Does It Work?

Descartes XPS shipping software simplifies the international shipping process

Prevent Shipping Delays with Electronic Trade Document (ETD) Handling

Easily fill in the required information for international shipping labels and commercial invoices using Descartes XPS™ shipping software. Not all carriers require the same information, so whether you’re shipping internationally with FedEx, USPS, UPS, or DHL, we lead you through the correct steps to complete required documents, including: 

Filing Customs Forms for International Shipping
  • Certificate of Origin 
  • Pro Forma Invoice 
  • Commercial Invoice 
  • General Agency Agreement/POI 

Because Descartes XPS submits the data for commercial invoices to the carrier through our API, the carrier has the necessary documentation to request customs clearance earlier in the shipment lifecycle and reduce the risk of transit delays. The carrier can also provide feedback on which documents are necessary for the destination country at the time of label creation.  

look up harmonized systems (HS) code with Descartes XPS shipping software

Harmonized Systems (HS) Code Handling

Obtain an HS code and complete a shipment booking without having to leave the shipping platform. Search by product description in the Descartes XPS tariff code database, which is updated via API as the International Trade Administration adjusts it.

HS codes can also be imported into Descartes XPS from your Shopify product catalog via our Shopify shipping integration. You can also import codes from a csv file.

International Shipment Tracking

Easily monitor order status, shipping costs, and tracking updates for all international shipments. Keep customers up-to-date on shipment status and notify them via email when packages are delivered.

✓  Tracking status automatically updates

✓  Delivery confirmation for customers

✓  Shipping updates on a single page

International Shipment Tracking
Ecommerce Integrations for International Shipping

Integrations for Shopify, Walmart, and Other Sales Channels

Print shipping labels for all orders in one place. Our multi-channel shipping platform integrates with all your sales channels, such as Shopify, Walmart, and Amazon, to automatically import orders and speed up processing.

International Shipping API

Quickly transition shipment information from checkout to label creation. By connecting your sales channels or ERP system directly with carriers and US Customs via our international shipping API, you can reduce the touches and timeline from online checkout to package pickup.

International Shipping API
Discounted International Shipping Rates

Discounted International Rates

Descartes XPS helps you get the best shipping rates. We integrate with USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL WorldWide Express to give you access to rate shopping and cheaper shipping labels for your international shipments. Take advantage of our pre-negotiated discounted rates.

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