How To Have A Different Return Address Than The Sender And Set Up Drop Shipping Software In XPS Ship


XPS Ship gives you the ability to have a different return address than the sender; this is also known as Drop Shipping.

First, we want to verify that we understand the difference between the sender address and return address.

The sender address needs to be where the item is physically being sent from. This is what determines the shipping rate. 

The return address is what will show up on the label, and, if the item is sent back, it will be returned to this address.

To utilize this functionality:

  1. Go to the “Ship” tab 
  2. Enter the information for the recipient
  3. Select the carrier
  4. You will now see a box under the Sender address, with a message that says “Return address is different from sender address”
  5. Check this box, and fill in the fields for the return address
  6. I can now process the shipment, and this is what the label looks like

You should see in the return address the one that you placed. But at the top, you should see on a USPS label the “Mailed From Zipcode” having the sender zip code listed.

In this example, I populated the return address on a one-off basis, but XPS has the ability to save a different return address by default, based on either the user who is logging in to XPS and shipping or an integration that is pulling in order information.

To to this for a user:

  1. Go to settings
  2. User Management
  3. Select the user to edit
  4. Check this box, and enter the return address

Now, every time this user logs in, the return address will default to this.

To do this for a particular integration:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Ecommerce Integrations
  3. Select the integration you wish to do this for
  4. Check this box, and enter the return address

Now, every time an order comes in through this integration, the return address will default to this.