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Get the best carrier rates

xps shipping discounts
xps shipping discounts

Get the best carrier rates

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Everything you need in a shipping integration and more

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XPS Ship software integrates all your orders & shipping, hassle-free.


Connect with multiple carriers, including Fedex, UPS, USPS, and many more.

Free To Use

Unlike other shipping integrations – XPS requires no subscription.


Seamlessly integrate your store channels, like Shopify, Amazon, eBay & more.

Address Verification

Instant address verification guarantees your parcel is sent to the correct address.

Discounted Rates

Discounted rates mean lower shipping costs for you.

Scale Integration

Quickly integrate with scales to ship by weight.


Multiple users can utilize the same XPS Ship dashboard.


XPS is so user friendly and has the best rates! It is also free, so we don’t have to pay a monthly fee as we have in the past with other shipping apps.



I am so happy to have found XPS. They have great customer service and it is such an easy platform to use and has considerably reduced the amount of time I spend shipping, allowing me to focus on other tasks.



XPS Ship has completely transformed the way we ship, from a cumbersome, slow process, to a seamless click and go task.  


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