With the rise of the internet came the invention of online shopping. And now, nearly 60% of millennials make their purchases online, with this number growing each year. This growth in online shopping has made it easier than ever before for entrepreneurs to start their own online retail stores. Without having to worry about the additional costs of a brick-and-mortar location and all that comes with it, nearly anyone who has a dream and the drive now has a more easily-accessible path to pursue it.

And the great news is that there are so many eCommerce platforms that exist, giving these dreamers a place to share their vision. From Amazon to Etsy, eBay to Shopify, the possibilities are endless. But nothing is ever perfect. One thing that store owners wish they didn’t have to deal with but can’t get out of is shipping. And even if store owners are able to find an inexpensive shipping solution, often it’s difficult to conveniently transfer information from eCommerce platforms to the shipping solution. This means store owners are spending what seems like endless hours manually inputting orders and shipping info into a hard-to-navigate and difficult program in an effort to get their products shipped out quickly and keep their customers happy.

Well, no more! With XPS Ship, our free (yes, you heard that right!) eCommerce shipping solution quickly and easily integrates with various eCommerce stores- including the top 20 online platforms. Some of the eCommerce shipping integrations provided include:

1. WooCommerce eCommerce Shipping Integration

Of all the open-source content management systems out there, WordPress is the most popular, making up 61% of the market. And WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin for WordPress sites that is used by 30% of all online stores. That equates to a very large number- more than 600,000. WooCommerce is designed for businesses small and large, giving owners the ability to completely customize the platform. 

With XPS Ship’s eCommerce shipping integration for WooCommerce, store owners can quote shipping rates directly on their website based on weight and destination. Orders transfer automatically to XPS’s eCommerce shipping platform, saving store owners valuable time and money. And on top of that, just like with all of our other eCommerce shipping integrations, there are no user fees or hidden costs associated with using the WooCommerce integration. It’s almost too good to be true! 

2. Amazon eCommerce Shipping Integration

Amazon eCommerce Shipping Integration

These days it seems like Amazon might be taking over the world. In fact, it has grown to become the largest US eCommerce platform, with a 49% market share. And 5% of the total market spend is from Amazon. If you sell on Amazon and offer Prime shipping, there are two options for shipping: Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) and Self Fulfilled Prime (SFP). While there are pros and cons to both, if you choose to go the SFP route, it’s important to find an eCommerce shipping software that will allow you to ship with ease. 

Our eCommerce shipping integration connects directly to your Amazon Seller Central account, giving you the ability to automatically import your orders, compare rates, create and print labels, and update the online status of orders with a few clicks of your mouse. On top of this, XPS automatically syncs shipping information to your Merchant account, keeping your seller rating high and the orders rolling in.

3. Etsy eCommerce Shipping Integration

For all of the creative individuals out there, Etsy offers the perfect platform to sell handcrafted, custom, or vintage products. But whether you sell handmade necklaces or custom embroidered throw pillows, your time should be spent creating what you love, not trying to figure out shipping. 

So skip the headache with XPS Ship and get seamless shipping, the best rates, and the ability to track all orders from anywhere. Your Etsy account will automatically update with tracking numbers and shipping status so your customers can keep on eye on their purchase too. Nothing beats a customer being overwhelmed with joy seeing that their beloved purchase is being delivered that day.

4. eBay eCommerce Shipping Integration

eBay eCommerce Shipping Integration

Best known for its auctions, eBay offers consumers and businesses a platform to sell directly to other consumers. Sellers use eBay to sell everything from common, everyday objects, to collectibles and highly sought after discontinued or vintage items. Because of the incredible and vast collection of items and the site’s ease-of-use, eBay has become a household name, with nearly 168 million active buyers

XPS’s eCommerce shipping solution gives eBay sellers an easy, convenient way to ship all of their items, keeping those 168 million users happy and coming back for more. Our software allows you to print all of your labels and packing slips individually or as a batch without having to go through extra steps. So now you can ship that discontinued pair of Nike Air Force 1’s without worry.

Choose XPS’s eCommerce Shipping Solution

With XPS Ship’s eCommerce shipping integrations, you get all of the automation and features you need to streamline your shipping process. And don’t worry if you didn’t see your eCommerce platform of choice above, we have many more platforms that we work with! Check out the full list of our eCommerce shipping integrations here, which includes Shopify, Magento, and many more. 

If you are looking for a fully integrated eCommerce shipping software that will make your life easier, XPS Ship is your answer. If you have any questions about our software contact us today. We are happy to provide you with more information on the amazing features XPS Ship offers.