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PayPal Shipping Integration

Easily integrate PayPal with Descartes XPS! Our shipping software connects directly to your PayPal account through our API. We make it easy to create and print discounted shipping labels, import your orders, and compare rates with our PayPal shipping software! Save up to 89% on shipping.

Benefits of Our PayPal Shipping Software

  • No hidden fees—our service is completely FREE
  • Discounted rates on USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL shipping
  • Import PayPal order in real-time 
  • Easily create shipping labels for orders 
  • Print batches of shipping labels
  • Live chat support, email, or phone 
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1. PayPal Multi-Order Shipping: Simplify the shipping process for multiple shipments. 

2. PayPal Label CreationEasily print discounted shipping labels for PayPal orders on any printer.

3. PayPal Shipping Fees: Our free shipping software allows you to print PayPal shipment labels with no additional fees.

Multi-Order PayPal Shipping Solution

Our user-friendly software gives you easy solutions for all aspects of PayPal shipping. Sign up and create labels in just minutes. Descartes XPS brings you the best and most user-friendly batch label printing with our multi-carrier shipping software. We partner with USPS and other carriers to give you the best rates and the easiest way to print shipping labels for your Paypal orders. Streamline your shipping today with Descartes XPS and PayPal. 

Descartes XPS multi-order shipping solution provides several benefits, including:

1. Reduce Costs: Descartes XPS helps ecommerce businesses reduce costs in two main ways: reducing shipping costs with discounted shipping rates, and decreasing labor costs with shipping automation rules.

2. Save Time: Manually creating PayPal shipping labels is no longer necessary. With our PayPal shipping integration, your orders automatically flow into the shipping queue. Use automation rules to replace tedious tasks and print labels.

3. Shipment Tracking: Automatically update your customers with tracking information. Manage tracking for all your shipments in one place, and keep your customers up-to-date on shipment status.