The United States Post Office (USPS) has just introduced one of the most aggressive pricing strategies in over a decade. The new USPS connect ecommerce pricing tier is called “Merchant Rates.” Merchant Rates are now up to 13% below Commercial Plus Pricing, which was previously the best pricing tier of USPS.  

Using Merchant Rates are the best and fastest way for a merchant (that’s you, a shipper) to save money on shipping. The Post Office is authorizing a select group of Shipping Software providers (that’s us) to provide these discounts to those shipping on their platforms. 

You can’t get these new rates by going to the Post Office. The Merchant Rates are only available through USPS approved merchant software providers like >> 

The program uses the same Priority Mail, Priority Express, Parcel Select and First-Class packaging as before, but when you ship using XPSconnect, you automatically benefit from our authorized reseller status. Your customers receiving your parcels will not know that you are paying less for the shipment. It’s the same quality service, same packaging, same label they have received in the past, and your pickup processes stay the same. Really, the only difference is that you pay lower prices by generating your labels through XPSconnect. 

Every zone and weight have a different discount, but overall, you can think of it as a 7%-28% discount from Commercial Plus Pricing (which is the lowest priced plan available from the USPS). 

The fantastic part about this new Merchant Rate Card program with XPSconnect is that there are no “gotchas”. The software is free, the rates are better, and you have access to best-in-class customer service. You can XPSconnect “self-serve” if you’d like, it’s easy, but our live support staff is also available to help you configure your account and process your first labels.  

Get started by creating an account at >>